Hello and welcome! My name is Sarah Cormier, Licensed Esthetician. I believe internal health is crucial to skin health. I specialize in holistic, corrective skin care; including acne, anti-aging, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation and skin lifting and toning. Each treatment is tailor made to my clients needs using the Corneotherapy approach. Corneotherapy is the practice of repairing the skin's outermost layer - the Stratum Corneum, which  in turn, improves the barrier function of the skin. When the barrier function of the skin is repaired, it leads to balance, healing and eventually restoring homeostasis within the skin.

I believe it is very important to avoid using toxic products and ingredients on the skin. Therefore, in my practice, I use several skin care lines that are locally and regionally made in the USA with organic, gluten free, anti-inflammatory ingredients which yield wonderful and favorable results when used on a regular basis at home.

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